Team Sprint Pictures
An infinite number of paths to the same goal.
Doll's Archive
going way back


Always a Good Story

Andrew parties

It's My Story and I'm Sticking to it.

Old Raider and The Bad Boys

It Is Balloon...

Beekman's Old School Ice Cream

Must have been a Good Time for a Rest.

The Brooks'

Kathy, We Miss You!

Clothing Optional Swim

Come Again...

Da Bills

Dale & Gilly


Doll and Benson

Doll & Bob

Doll & Sprint

Local color

Always Smiling with Jewelry

Partial Moon

Da Girls

Halloween Party: the Young's

Good Dog, Sprint

Halloween Party in the Kitchen

Jamie was fully protected.


Big Corn

Jack Daniel's Sno-Cones?

Jan gets a Rainy Day Thrill.

All Smiles!

Late Night with Team Sprint

Mr. Bill's hidden talent


A Flock of Sprinters

Doll's Patriotic Ride

Rev. Tom & Chris

Rude Dog


Sherri Flansberg, Driver Supreme

Sligar & Burger

Riders by night; Rockers by day

Sprint and his girls

Team Pic #20

What's over there?

Team pic in Burlington

Sprinters on the Corner

Team Pic

A Very Good Day

Ride the Other Way Quickly

Da Girls Late Night

Tom Got Creamed.

Walter & Randy & the girls

Flaherty's and a Sligar

Hanging out at the House of Flowers.

Hunting for Something...


There it is.