Team Sprint Pictures
An infinite number of paths to the same goal.
RAGBRAI 2005 plus
lots of views

Old School Sprinting

Team Sprint 2005 - the end

Let's go!

A little help?

Will it fit?

Ready for RAGBRAI.

30th Anniversary Cake

A good, dry campsite


Jamie & Blue Sky

Breaks are good.

Out on the Loop.

What is it about ladies and tractors?

Lance is always close by.

Mr. Bill & stoker letting the tandem rest.

A Classic!

Team Brooks 2005


Great showers at the golf course!

The Brooks in the pool. Yum. Smoothies!

Team Temporary 2005

Nothing like an ultra light flight. Go, Patrick!

Sarah Brooks probably got the last ultra light ride on RAGBRAI. The other plane crashed while she was in the air.

RAGBRAI from an ultra light plane.



After the Shortcut

You know you're in trouble, when you see this \"off the route\"!

A little church time.


The Brooks relax. Waiting for Doll.

On the road again.


Fill those bottles!

John was thinking the same thing.

Always lots of wild flowers!

Some cross!

New Illinois trail.

Amish views

Good times on the farm!

Amish views

Angels always looking out for us.

Butts, butts, butts!

Oh, that coffee! Mmmmmm!!!!!!!! Thanks, Bill!

Plenty of great vistas.

The usual roadkill.


Research is always important.

Ringstead 2005

Show us UR shorts!

Elvis on RAGBRAI

A Sprinter

Sheldon Storm Refugeees1

RAGBRAI X teampic @Davenport

RAGBRAI XI teampic @Dubuque