Team Sprint Pictures
An infinite number of paths to the same goal.
Team Archive & Fall Ride 2006
Some of Sprint's things & a good day to ride or not...

The Day Sprint Selzer Bicycle Club began:
from left to right
Shakespeare, Sprint, Carlson, Sekine, & Krummy.

Original Sprint Shirt replica

Original Sprint Shirt replica

Sprint's hat

Sprint's old house outside Fairfax, IA - before \"the burn\" - many rides started from here and ended here.

The original Sprint article by Bill Pierce in The Daily Planet, August 16, 1979

Daily Planet article page 2

Daily Planet article close up

Daily Planet article closer up

Fall Ride 2006: before the ride @Cermaks

Fall Ride 2006: the riders

Fall Ride 2006: the support crew outside The Vault in Salem

Fall Ride 2006: the riders leave Salem; heading to Mt. Hamill

Fall Ride 2006: post ride @Cermaks

Fall Ride 2006: post ride @Cermaks